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No.9 Thompson Home, Travel and Fashion Accessories officially launched its first retail location on June 13th earlier this year.  Good friends and new retail clientele joined in the celebration!  We’re very proud of our “shop within the shop”  located at Travadavi in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Spring 2013 collection: HIMMA GARDENS

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Inspired by Hindu-Buddhist mythology, the Himma Gardens Collection is an imaginary forest filled with exotic plants, mysterious animals and soothing natural scenery. Southeast Asian art abounds with images of this magical location. Temple mural paintings, carvings and statues reveal glimpses of an exotic world.

To create our latest collection the Jim Thompson designers and weavers were inspired by legends of the wondrous Himma garden. In honor of the heavenly skies we have woven cloud-like materials, in praise of crystal clear waters we have created shimmering fabrics and inspired by temple architecture we offer amazing textiles that have texture and form.


The Jim Thompson collection ‘Caravans’ pays homage to the ancient travellers who brought luxury goods to the distant corners of the world. In the past sumptuous textiles, exotic plants and herbs and other highly valued items slowly found their way along an arduous route from Europe through Central Asia to the Far East. A faraway traveller himself, Jim Thompson discovered the magic of the Kingdom of Siam, which for centuries had been a center of Asian trade. He was in awe of Thai silks that boasted patterns inspired by textiles from India, China and the Middle East.  To create our Caravans Collection Jim Thompson has searched for inspirations along the Silk Road and beyond.  Just as ancient merchants provided rare commodities that dazzled their eager clients, our Caravans Collection has been created to add a touch of the exotic to your decor.




100% Linen

2 colorways

Martindale 11,000 rubs

This elegant screen-printed fern pattern on linen has a universal, timeless appeal.  The leafy ferns on a neutral background almost appear as if they were painted using Chinese brush stokes.  While one leaf is opaque, the second is created using a special puff print technique that is further enhanced with a metallic overlay.



Jim Thompson is proud to present 4 brand new collections this January:


‘SPOTLIGHT’ COLLECTION by David Rockwell for Jim Thompson

‘FANTASY ISALAND’ by Richard Smith for No.9 Thompson

and our first-ever wallpaper collection, ‘HOUSE ON THE KLONG’






100% Linen

5 colorways, Martindale 15,000 rubs

The original reference for this stunning fabric was a hand-knotted, seventeenth century silk carpet from the Ningxia region in China. A majestic dragon is framed by generic borders that traditionally appear in many of China’s decorative arts. The dramatic scale of the design is countered by the sheer amiability of the painting of the dragon, and the slubby linen ground cloth gives interest and texture to the multitude of colours.